News & Updates


15. Dez. 2017

ImageJ-Macro Update

Massive changes, improvements and updates of the "ImageJ Macros"-section.

22. Dez. 2017

New Protocols-Section

A new section was added that lists protocols, methods and tips for microscopy.

10. Jan. 2018

Biotechnology Journal accepted our publication about the ingenious ImageJ macro "Cyt/Nuc"!

Here's the link!
I'll try to publish the (commented) source-code and a short "manual" on this page soon...
Feel free to use it, but reference our publication, please.

10. Jan. 2018

ORCID-ID added

Find my ORCID-ID in the "Publications"-section.

18. Jan. 2018

Cyt/Nuc v.1.0 now available!

You can download the macro, a manual and additional material in the "ImageJ Macros"-section.

26. Jan. 2018

New look and a few improvements of this page.

17. Mar. 2018                         

New macro online

The macro "RGB-Counter" provides you an easy to use tool, counting particles in the three channels of RGB-images. Perfect for counting the overall number of cells (DAPI staining of the nuclear DNA in one channel) and the number of cells showing certain characteristics (immunostained in another channel). The results are presented both as images showing the recognized particles and as data table for further processing, also storing date, time and applied settings, documenting the whole process of evaluation. Just download the package (here).

7. June 2018                           

"Ranker" is online

The ImageJ-macro "Ranker" provides "ranking" of your data, useful to focus your work on a few samples according to the parameters you already measured. Just take a look at it (here).


MYOCYTER v1.2 is online

The ImageJ-macro "MYOCYTER" allows unparalleled data extraction from videos of contracting cells like myocytes along with a unique workflow


MYOCYTER v1.3 is online

Lots of new features, including manual ROI-selection!


PrimeLister x1.1 is online

"PrimeLister" is a macro for ImageJ (and C++) that can generate up to 250,000 prime numbers per second. The C ++ version (also available) creates up to stunning 20 million prime numbers per second.


The MyoPulser is available!

Do you need an electronic field stimulator to trigger your cardiomyocytes? Get it here!


MYOCYTER v1.5 is online

Get the whole package here: Link
Visit our YouTube-Channel!